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Online Training

Many companies are now using online distance learning as a source for training employees on equal employment opportunity compliance issues. Some advantages to training employees online rather than having a full onsite training session are that the training can be provided:

  • Better
  • Cheaper
  • Faster

Introduction to Online Training
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Since having employees attend any type of training can disrupt the normal conduct of daily business, especially when many employees are pulled out of work at the same time, in some instances it can be better to have the employees take the training at their leisure when they have the time instead of forcing them to attend the training at a specific time.

Additionally, the cost to conduct in-house trainings or offsite trainings can extend beyond a company's budget, yet not conducting trainings on equal employment opportunity issues can open the company up to liability risks. Online training provides a cheaper alternative to conducting trainings in-house or offsite yet offers documentation of good faith efforts to educate the staff and management, thereby limiting the company's liability in discrimination suits.

Finally, many companies do not have the time to invest in attending training sessions offsite or removing all employees from their normal work schedules to attend training onsite. Therefore, providing the training online can be conducted faster and effectively.


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