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EEO Consultants conducts fact-based EEO complaint investigations for corporate and government organizations to ensure the process is handled promptly, thoroughly and in an unbiased manner. Our former compliance officers and professional staff perform discrimination and harassment grievance investigations based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, mental or physical disabilities or reprimand or reprisal complaints. The investigators act as fact-finders obtaining relevant information to assess the allegations of employee misconduct in order to determine whether the action was in fact discriminatory. Investigations are completed promptly and clients are provided with a summary of findings and recommendations for any further action if needed, providing the organization with an neutral opinion based solely on the facts related to the allegations. By having an impartial party conduct the investigation, and by providing the organization with a detailed report on those findings, the organization can document its good faith efforts to look into the allegations and bring about a quick resolution based on those findings.







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