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Cindy Mattson,J.D.
President & CEO
EEO Consultants, Inc.

Cindy Mattson,J.D. is the President & CEO of EEO Consultants, Inc., a management consulting firm providing guidance to corporations and governments on equal employment opportunity (EEO) and Human Resources compliance topics. Ms. Mattson graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA), received a diploma in Estudios Hispanos from the University of Madrid, attended graduate school at the University of San Francisco and received a Juris Doctorate degree from Concord University School of Law in Los Angeles California.

Ms. Mattson served as a U.S. expert to the Department of State regarding sexual harassment in the workplace in India meeting with government officials, judges on the high court and various other constituencies to address India's pending anti-sexual harassment legislation. EEO Consultants, Inc. also provides EEO training for the Florida Department of Transportation throughout the state as well as various other corporations and government entities.

Before establishing EEO Consultants, Inc., Ms. Mattson worked in enforcement for the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, (OFCCP). In that capacity, Ms. Mattson enforced affirmative action and investigated discrimination in employment. She conducted audits of companies to ensure they were in compliance with federal regulations regarding equal opportunity, provided technical assistance to federal contractors with regard to compliance with the regulations, and participated in various community organizations in an effort to create relationships between the organizations and the contractor community. Additionally, prior to working with the government, Ms. Mattson worked as an employment trainer providing harassment prevention training to Human Resources professionals and managers and diversity training seminars for management and staff.

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